Bloombo is ethical fashion

We offer our clients unique and exclusive women’s, children’s and men’s accessories. We give special importance not only to the design and quality of our products, but also to the way they have been produced, in a fair and sustainable way.

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Hammered Brass Bracelet

April 11, 2016

Hand made in Kenya by physically handicapped artisans, respecting the principles driving the ethical fashion and fair trade.

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Running for Restart Africa

March 16, 2016

We are back from Kenya full of energy and good vibes. We saw so many beautiful things, we met such amazing people in this trip, we had such interesting discussions and chats, we got so much that we think it will only be fair if we can give to these beautiful people a little bit of what we got.

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We are back!

We visited our 2 partners in Gilgil and Mombasa, we sat together, we got to know each other a bit better, we shared very special moments and very interesting discussions and as a result of the very good work, Bloombo's new collection is finished. It looks great and is already in the production line.

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